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Position - Owner/stylist 
School - EVCC Cosmetology/Northwest Hair Academy 
What do you love about your job? - The ability to transform the way guests feel about themselves and their hair while creating and building professional and personal relationships with so many amazing people! 
Favorite Hair products - Unite 7 second leave in conditioner, UOil and Texturiza Dry Texture spray 
Hobbies/ Interests - Interior Design.DIY projects.House plants. Cooking. Baking. Coffee and Cane Corsos 
Years of experience - 16+ 
Specializes in - Textured and Curly hair, Blonding. Dry cuts. 


Position - Stylist 
School - EVCC
What do you love about your job? - Doing fun colors and making people feel good!
Favorite Hair products - Unite UOil and Verb Sea Salt Spray
Hobbies/ Interests - Art and painting
Years of experience - 13+ 
Specializes in - Color


Position - Stylist 
School - Shoreline CC/Snoisle
What do you love about your job? - Giving clients styles they can recreate at home that allows them to love their hair everyday.
Favorite Hair products - Unite 7 second leave in conditioner and Smooth Down
Hobbies/ Interests - Cooking
Years of experience - 13+ 
Specializes in - Fine hair, barbering, color


Position - Stylist/Nail Tech 
School - EVCC
What do you love about your job? - Making people happy, being able to be creative.
Favorite Hair products - Joico Kpak color endure, 11 Australia 3 Minute Mask
Hobbies/ Interests - Reptiles, Education, Games, Family Time
Years of experience - 15 
Specializes in - Balayage, Nail care, Updos


Position - Stylist
School - Evergreen Beauty College
What do you love about your job? - I love being able to create and make clients feel their absolute best.
Favorite Hair products - My favorite hair care line is Loma. They are a great brand, and really focus on the healthiest options for your hair.
Hobbies/ Interests - When I'm not creating in the salon, I love to be outdoors with my family. We go on hikes, visit new beaches and trails. I enjoy binge watching on Netflix too.

Years of experience - I've been doing hair for 5 years and haven't looked back once! 

Specializes in - I specialize in color, whether it's bright and fun or taking someone to platinum blonde.


Position - Stylist
School - Texas Community College for Cosmetology
What do you love about your job? - In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes the small changes in yourself can build or bring all the confidence necessary to forge on. I love being able to create a before and after experience with a client using my creative art skills, having them leave my chair feeling like a million dollars and able to conquer the world.
Favorite Hair products - Anything Redken and Amika. I love how versatile their products can be.
Hobbies/ Interests - Outdoors. I would consider myself solar. I need the sun. I love kayaking and discovering new places to call my own. I also really love wine, hanging with friends, and trying new restaurants.

Years of experience - 11+ years.

Specializes in - Color, color correction, highlights, men's cuts, and woman's cuts.
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